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This little sweetheart of a caddis pattern has an orange parachute post that can be clearly seen in flat light conditions - making the fly easy to spot in poor light, or floating along a bubble line.
Current stock has light pale gray almost white wings as well as green foam for high visibility.
YELLOWSTONE FLY GOODS YFG Dornan's MICRO Water Walker Peacock S14 [Single]
Some anglers struggle to see orange and white hi-vis patterns in bright conditions - that's where a green highlight can make the difference. Most ant dries are fished during warm summer and fall days which often provide brighter conditions.
The practical CDC & Elk pattern gets a "pop" with an addition of a hi-viz indicator. Great for low light fishing situations.
This sweet little stonefly dry uses a red floss butt to represent the egg sack of the flying adults. The bleached elk wing and head, along with the light hackling give this fly it's simple, yet effective look and nicely mimics the real insect.
YELLOWSTONE FLY GOODS YFG Dornan's MICRO Gold Member S14 [Single]
Showingof 278 item(s)