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The new Echo Swing Switch and Spey rods feature crisp actions and perfect power to fit a wide range of casting strokes and fishing situations without breaking the bank.
An ultra-stiff nylon leader attached to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet that is ideal for bluefish, barracuda and similar toothy species - total length of 7.5 ft. with two wire choices.
When fish are sitting high in the water feeding on emergers or dry flies, nylon is certainly the tippet material to reach for. Nylon has a lower density rating compared to that of fluorocarbon, so it sinks at a slower rate allowing you to present your fli
A true all-around performer, the Carbon XL is designed for anglers of all skill levels who need a well-rounded rod for a variety of fishing applications.
Airflo Polyleader + Trout improves the traditional polyleader by adding a tippet ring and color coding for quick and easy identification. Available in two lengths: 6.5 ft and 8.5 ft.
The Ross Reels Evolution series defined the modern trout reel. Now meet the award-winning Evolution LTX: the perfect combination of original Evolution LT feel and Evolution R performance.
Designed for the competitive angler, the Shadow Click reel has a spool that is optimized to quickly retrieve line. Its clicker drag prevents over-run by having a modest amount of resistance.
The 790-4 Predator is Redington's most versatile rod. It is the ultimate fly rod built for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive fighting fish. Designed to take on small mouth, big browns, small bonefish, snook, and steelhead.
The new Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon has the lowest refractory index of any other fluoro on the market, making it the least visible in water to fish. It's also the densest allowing it to cut through the surface tension quicker than ever before. M
When you use Fishpond’s all-new Headgate tippet dispenser, you will wonder why no one has thought of anything like it before. The spring loaded hinge design allows an angler to easily add, remove and carry most tippet spools with ease.
Armed with this diverse selection of Polyleaders, there's literally no angling style or tactic you won't be fully equipped for. The Airflo 8ft Trout Polyleaders come in seven different densities that let you fish any part of the water column, in every typ
The Avantt 906-4 / 9' 6wt Freshwater Fly Rod uses T&T's proprietary Strato Therm Resin to provide incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics. Handcrafted in Greenfield, MA, USA.
Redington 3106-4 Dually two-handed Trout Spey medium-fast action rod is ideal for swinging soft hackles or streamers on small to medium size trout rivers.
The ECHO Full Spey is a full-length fast-action spey rod designed using the experience of ECHO's seasoned rod developers and the expertise of spey casting champion Mariusz Wrobewski.
By far the best way to create loops in your flyline at home. ­ Pre fitted with sleeve, Ultra loops make them easy to attached braided loops to your heads and running lines ­available in clear, coloured and two tone indicator.
The Carbon XL is designed for anglers of all skill levels who need a well-rounded rod for a variety of fishing applications. A true all-around performer.
A complete package priced for any budget. A Rod with Versatile Action and Durable Construction.
The LIFT is built on the shoulders of our extremely popular ECHO Base series with updated actions to suit a wider range of casting styles.
Since Ross Reels started in 1973, there has been one model that epitomizes what a Ross Reel is: the San Miguel. It defined the ultimate in class and finesse, and now, over two decades since it was first launched, the classic returns.

Classic San Migue
Conventional fly rods are a poor substitute for a precisely developed lake rod. The Lago by ECHO is designed to get anglers fishing more effectively and efficiently in lakes of all sizes.
Tim Rajeff's fast action two hander. Built with a beefy butt section for those abrupt, bottom-hand power applications. Touch and go to Skagit casting, floating lines to big sink tips. It’s dialed.
The ECHO Bravo reel features a new saltwater-safe PIT STOP drag system, allowing tool-free access to the reel’s carbon fiber disc drag system so you can keep salt where it belongs: on the rim of a margarita glass.
Available in either camo or black, these non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line.
Showingof 142 item(s)