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An ultra-stiff nylon leader attached to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet that is ideal for bluefish, barracuda and similar toothy species - total length of 7.5 ft. with two wire choices.
Designed for the competitive angler, the Shadow Click reel has a spool that is optimized to quickly retrieve line. Its clicker drag prevents over-run by having a modest amount of resistance.
The new Echo Swing Switch and Spey rods feature crisp actions and perfect power to fit a wide range of casting strokes and fishing situations without breaking the bank.
A true all-around performer, the Carbon XL is designed for anglers of all skill levels who need a well-rounded rod for a variety of fishing applications.
Conventional fly rods are a poor substitute for a precisely developed stillwater rod. The Stillwater by ECHO is designed to get anglers fishing more effectively and efficiently in lakes of all sizes.
A rod series to bring the fun and feel of fiberglass to the modern angler.
Two Available Colors: Stand Out or Blend In. Your choice!
The 790-4 Predator is Redington's most versatile rod. It is the ultimate fly rod built for big flies, heavy lines, and aggressive fighting fish. Designed to take on small mouth, big browns, small bonefish, snook, and steelhead.
The Gecko is the ultimate fishing tool for little guys and gals. With a modest, forgiving action and kid/hippy-friendly cosmetics, the Gecko is ready for action.
The ECHO Bravo reel features a new saltwater-safe PIT STOP drag system, allowing tool-free access to the reel’s carbon fiber disc drag system so you can keep salt where it belongs: on the rim of a margarita glass.
When you use Fishpond’s all-new Headgate tippet dispenser, you will wonder why no one has thought of anything like it before. The spring loaded hinge design allows an angler to easily add, remove and carry most tippet spools with ease.
The ECHO Dry series is designed to present dry flies and small nymphs to stream-dwelling fish.
With a large arbor for quick retrieves and a hybrid machined/cast design, the Ion Reel is a great choice for balancing single-hand and two-hand rods of all sizes.
Available in a wide range of densities, the 14' Airflo Salmon/Steelhead Polyleader provides an arsenal of options to the Salmon and Steelhead angler from waking bombers to dredging deep.
The Ion XL is a versatile rod designed for saltwater that can also be used for freshwater streamer fishing and Steelhead fishing. ECHO created these rods to be accurate from various distances in all types of fly fishing scenarios.
The Avantt 906-4 / 9' 6wt Freshwater Fly Rod uses T&T's proprietary Strato Therm Resin to provide incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics. Handcrafted in Greenfield, MA, USA.
RIO's Fluoroflex trout leaders are made of 100% fluorocarbon, and are the perfect solution for when a nearly invisible presentation is required in clear water. Also great for going after spooky fish.
RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides unsurpassed turn over for effective wind penetration and to easily cast streamers and indicator rigs.
By far the best way to create loops in your flyline at home. ­ Pre fitted with sleeve, Ultra loops make them easy to attached braided loops to your heads and running lines ­available in clear, coloured and two tone indicator.
Tippet rings are a great way of attaching two different size tippets together or a length of tippet to the end of a tapered leader. Using a mini ring will extend the life of a tapered leader as you may be replacing the tippet section regularly.
Showingof 148 item(s)