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The Tacky Pescador Large Leaflet integrates seamlessly into your Pescador Large Fly Box, increasing your carrying capacity to 532 flies. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
Fishpond's TACKY Original Box brings unmatched organization, visibility and reliability to your fly storage. The signature silicone anchoring pad holds flies tighter, doesn’t absorb water, withstands extreme temperature swings, and won’t get torn up by sh
Enter the 2X, sporting all the game-changing features of the Original Box with double the space. The 2X offers a tremendous carry capacity in a slim profile ready as a single storage system or for a full complement of wet flies.
The all new Headgate XL is an enlarged version of our popular Headgate. The new XL size was designed specifically for holding 4” spools so you can have the same great features as our standard size when you’re saltwater fishing.
Fishpond's expansion insert integrates seamlessly into your Pescador XL Box, more than doubling its carrying capacity to up to 1096 flies. This is the ultimate boat box set up with plenty of storage. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
Most days, we’re reaching for the Pescador; a waterproof, grab-and-go system for technical tailwater bugs and bushy high mountain hoppers, to smaller saltwater crabs and shrimp. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
The Pescador Large has super durable construction with a waterproof gasket that will keep your flies dry and secure over the course of a full day out on the flats or on the river.
Fishpond's signature waterproof gasket offers quick access while keeping your large flies out of the elements. The XL Pescador Fly Box has a tremendous carrying capacity of up to 464 flies and an optional add-on fly page. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
The Flathead Sling combines both agility, and ease of use in one comfortable system to give you unmatched access to your gear when you need it most.
Showingof 9 item(s)