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The ideal quick-access pad for flies of any size, from tiny midges to extra large streamers. Store, protect, and organize your flies on any hard surface with a durable, recycled polycarbonate component base and the supplied 3M™ Adhesive Strip.
The Fishpond Floatant Bottle Holder easily hooks to a cord loop or D-ring on your vest or pack, keeping your floatant secure at hand for when you need it most.
You've got enough fishing to do already - keep your shake handy.
At Fishpond, we believe in the “ripple effect” — responsible stewardship of the environment, where every small act counts. Use Fishpond's micro-trash container and carry even the littlest trash out with you.
The Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retractor is designed to be fool-proof. Once pinned to your vest or pack, it can rotate 360 degrees, thereby keeping what's attached accessible and untangled. No cord or wire to snap either.
What's your preference? This re-designed thermometer measures water temperature from 20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius.
Organize your flies by hatch, river, or season in one small package with the Tacky Day Pack. With room for 180 flies, its bi-directional slit design proves that sometimes big things do come in small packages. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
The Day Pack 2X is truly the minimalists dream setup. Gone are the days when you were forced to decide between bringing enough flies to cover the hatch or traveling light. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
Having the right tool for the job when you need it is crucial for success. Fishpond designed a clean system that keeps your fully rigged rods fully secured, at the ready, and completely out of your way while fishing.
The Nomad Native net was designed for the minimalist angler. The Native frame is the perfect size to hang off the back of a vest or fit in your luggage.
The hardcore lumbar pack wearer wanted a net with a little more length in the handle so they could stuff it between their pack and their back. The Mid-Length Nomad is it.
Nomad Nets are constructed with carbon fiber/fiberglass composite material. The result is a very lightweight and durable net built to perform in all fishing conditions.
The now legendary Nomad Net needed a bigger basket for the boaters. The Nomad Boat Net delivers it, as well as providing an extra-long handle for extra-wily fish.
Showingof 13 item(s)