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Fly Tying Tools and Kits

Total Outfitters Montana. Online Fly Tying Tools and Kits. Dependable fly fishing gear and supplies for your fishing expeditions and fishing guides in the U.S.

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The Day Pack 2X is truly the minimalists dream setup. Gone are the days when you were forced to decide between bringing enough flies to cover the hatch or traveling light. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
The Montana Fly Company's Boat Box is made from durable ABS plastic. It has a water-tight seal when all 4 clasps are secured, offering premium protection for your flies and streamers. The large MFC Boat Box measures 12” x 11”.
Just the essentials, all in one kit. Includes Rogue Forceps w/ comfy grip, Rogue Nippers w/ comfy grip, and Rogue Zinger.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Montana. Online Fly Fishing Essentials Kit and Gear. Dependable angler gear for your fishing ex
A simple fly box for keeping only the hot flies at the ready. Six adjustable compartments keep the day’s “hot flies” close at hand. Attachment chain included.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Montana. Online Fly Fishing Loon Hot Box and Gear. Dependa
Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize versatility. Handles include comfy grip for added traction, even when wet.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Montana. Online Fly Fishing Rogue Scissor Forceps w/Comfy Grip and Gear. Dep
A less-tacky dubbing wax for adding subtle amounts of dubbing. Dubbing wax perfect for applying dubbing to the finest of threads while helping to craft realistic looking bodies on smaller dry flies and nymphs.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Mont
Top quality hemostats including comfy grip. Designed to maximize strength, comfort, and smooth opening/closing. They have iconic Loon yellow comfy grip handles that improve grip, even when wet.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Montana. Online Fly F
Sturdy, reusable housing for rigs using multiple nymphs, dry dropper set ups, or a single dry on a leader, allowing for pre-rigging and quick changes on the water.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishing Montana. Online Fly Fishing Rigging Foams and Gear
Packaged in a heavy-duty travel case and featuring the Ergo All Purpose Scissors, All Purpose Bobbin, Bodkin, Whip Finisher, and Hackle Plier. An excellent choice for the first-time tyer or the long-time tyer who wants to trick out his or her bench.
MFC Logo Boat Box Foam Patch for accessing your favorite flies. Great as a drying pad for your boat box or cooler. Can be used on the boat, streamside, or in your vehicle.
A paracord lanyard for carrying the essentials. The Neckvest Lanyard is more versatile and sturdier than ever. New features include the light and durable paracord construction and five Nite-Ize S-carabiner attachments.

Total Outfitters Fly Fishi
Showingof 91 item(s)