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Total Outfitters Montana. Online Fly Tying Tools and Kits. Dependable fly fishing gear and supplies for your fishing expeditions and fishing guides in the U.S.

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An oversized tweezer that does everything from picking up hooks and beads, retaining materials for even the largest dubbing loops/composite loops, and holding materials for dubbing brushes.

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A paracord lanyard for carrying the essentials. The Neckvest Lanyard is more versatile and sturdier than ever. New features include the light and durable paracord construction and five Nite-Ize S-carabiner attachments.

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With broad blades and oversized handles, the ergonomically designed Ergo Prime scissors offer a stouter feel and increased stability. Blades are honed to perfection right here in the USA.
The Ergo Dubbing Pick pulls up trapped fibers to get flies up to speed right away. The ergonomic handle is powder-coated in iconic Loon yellow so it won't get lost on your tying bench.
The familiar shape of the Ergo Hair Packer is borrowed from the cork handle of a fly rod. It sits comfortably in hand and provides enough mass and taper to push against to make sure that your spun hair gets packed tight.
Using a hair stacker is the only way to make sure hair wings and tails look just right. The Zippy Hair Stacker is a one-piece alternative to making sure that hair wings are full and even. The hinged design allows hair to be loaded easily, stacked, and rem
Deluxe gold-tone handle hemostat streamside tool available in curved or straight design options. Durable stainless steel with serrated jaw edges for handling everything from hooks to fly tying materials.
As you scramble to match the hatch and switch out flies, you’ll be glad you brought your Pescador MagPad, particularly if the day calls for a hopper-dropper setup. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
Bench Rings designed to keep tying benches clean and tidy. These stainless steel rings allow tyers to organize materials, hooks and beads by style/size/type/color using the same bags they came in. Also great for attaching streamside tools to your gear.
Fishpond's expansion insert integrates seamlessly into your Pescador XL Box, more than doubling its carrying capacity to up to 1096 flies. This is the ultimate boat box set up with plenty of storage. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
Fishpond's signature waterproof gasket offers quick access while keeping your large flies out of the elements. The XL Pescador Fly Box has a tremendous carrying capacity of up to 464 flies and an optional add-on fly page. FLIES NOT INCLUDED.
The Pescador Large has super durable construction with a waterproof gasket that will keep your flies dry and secure over the course of a full day out on the flats or on the river.
MFC Boat Box Leaf - XL Fly Foam for flies larger than #01.
Strong and durable hemostats complete with a cutting edge, these are the perfect option for the minimalist who wants all of the function at half of the size.
Designed to make hook removal easy for both angler and fish, these forceps make quick work of getting fish back in the water. Beyond the curved hook remover, these include the geometric Rogue tips for mashing barbs of all sizes.
Bench rings provide organization to keep tying benches clean and tidy.
The solution to unruly materials at the vise or mangled streamers on the water. The ergonomic powder coated tool is easy find and comfortable in hand, and the stainless steel shaft and teeth make quick work of messy flies at the bench or on the water.
For making buggier bugs. The only dubbing brush tool that you’ll need.
For keeping materials out of the way until you need them. The magnetic Vise Pawn is a friend to any tyer that is tired of fighting that piece of hackle or tinsel or ribbing while tying in the next material.
MFC Logo Boat Box Foam Patch for accessing your favorite flies. Great as a drying pad for your boat box or cooler. Can be used on the boat, streamside, or in your vehicle.
Showingof 89 item(s)